Living Oneness is an invitation to a deeper way of living life.


Living oneness doesn’t require changing religious, spiritual, philosophical, or political beliefs. It fosters a perspective of interconnectedness, altering our life experience and influencing all aspects of existence. It’s a continual, subtle invitation that doesn’t demand specific actions according to a mental, top-down concept but actions that arise out of the implications of oneness: inclusiveness, equity and love.

This concept is found in integral philosophy, non-dual religions, and spiritual practices but is slow to be applied socially. To grasp oneness, consider the hard problem of consciousness; subjective experiences tie us to the whole.

Oneness doesn’t imply homogeneity; uniqueness is inherent. Embracing it means accepting everything, even challenging aspects, as part of oneself.

Living oneness blurs inner and outer boundaries, transforming how we relate to reality, fostering peace, freedom, and agency. It’s crucial in an era of digital technology and misinformation.

Making oneness personal takes it out of a just philosophical or even spiritual realm into a practical form of living our lives. It is not solely based on the evidence of our interconnectedness but makes connection a felt reality lived and practiced especially with the people that we already have in our lives. It empowers us and enhances our relationship with reality. It grants inner and outer agency to respond to change.

A state of wholeness internally mirrors oneness externally. Dual, materialistic interpretations hinder progress and timely responses to the challenges of our time.

Assuming oneness acknowledges truth even when not fully understood, fostering a safe space for embracing a positive outlook of our future including the unknown.

Living oneness is a felt presence. Personalizing it turns it from concept to reality, enhancing our connection with existence.

In summary, Living Oneness offers a transformative perspective, embracing interconnectedness without altering beliefs. It fosters a sense of oneness, influences all aspects of life, and empowers responses, providing peace, freedom, and a profound understanding of existence.